There is a clear distinction between just a fan and a superfan. It
There is a clear distinction between just a fan and a superfan. It's about attitude. It's about passion!
Don't miss out. Bring the game to you!

Introducing the Skybox VUE!

We have developed a WiFi based internal use display scoreboard designed for commercial use in a sports-based establishment or at home for sports enthusiasts to operate with live game information and provide real-time game statistics and scores. This unique, patented scoreboard will allow you, the sports enthusiast, to follow your favorite teams and get LIVE play by play scores and statistics as they happen through a live data sports feed.

The Skybox VUE, (Visual Up-to-the-minute Entertainment) is very versatile. It can be used in game rooms, sports bars, luxury boxes, corporate offices, school campuses, dorm rooms and any place sports fans gather.

  • Live scores
  • Updated live game action information
  • Statistics and narrative on the play that just transpired
  • Scrolling live sports news
  • Fantasy sports information and statistics
  • Set display to one team or scroll through all teams

Many sports fans are often unable to watch a full game on TV due to distractions of a busy lifestyle. The Skybox VUE is your solution. Turn off the TV. Spend more family time, help the kids with their homework, relax or get caught up on paperwork. All of this can be accomplished while still getting your game updates from the Skybox VUE! Feel the excitement of being at the game from your own home or office. This is the perfect gift for the sports fan who has everything!

You're the star in this game

Be a star with the Skybox VUE in your man cave, rec room, bar, restaurant, retail store, apartment, dorm room or garage. You don't need a TV or cell phone, live scores come to you right over your existing WiFi network!

He will love it, and so will she!

You'll never again have to mutter the words "...just a couple more minutes honey, the game's not over yet." Don't keep her waiting, the Skybox VUE will look great in any room!



Future plans include potentially offering versions of the VUE that can be themed, or "skinned" with your branding of your favorite team, organization, company and even custom photos and graphics. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting feature!