Frequently Asked Questions

With any new product of this caliber there are going to be many questions. We will do our best to answer them here, though until the product is generally available there are some things we cannot discuss in detail at this time.

We are taking pre-orders now. Register at the link on this bottom of this page to be added to our mailing list. We will contact you directly when the products are ready to ship.

The Skybox VUE (Visual, Up-to-the-minute Entertainment) is the name of our scoreboard device. When a play happens (for example a Pitch or a Hit in baseball), the scores and statistics are processed by our live update server within seconds. The VUE will read the new data from the live update server and display it immediately on the VUE. There is normally only seconds from when the play happens to when it shows up on your VUE.

The VUE will connect to any Wi-Fi network. It is easily connected using a standard tablet interface. Once you connect the first time it will remember your connection settings going forward. We are also pursuing options for cellular data connectivity in a future release.

A single standard 120V power outlet is all that is required to power the device.

Absolutely! We know that fantasy sports are growing in popularity and we are working on the best solution to incorporate that data into your VUE!

We are working out the details with our manufacturer so we cannot yet provide a price. We can tell you that if you are an avid sports fan, it will no doubt be worth the price!

Yes, we do hold a patent on the product and it is fully protected.

Like any major release of a new product, we don't want to tip our hat too soon, but we can tell you that it will be very attractive and will look great on the wall of your home, rec room, man cave, office, bar, restaurant and anywhere you want live sports action.